Yoon network promises to create more value through continuous and sincere social contribution activities and strive to sustain growth not only for individuals and customers, but also for our local community.

Contribution Activities


Chartered flight

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Yoon Networks provided generous support and volunteer work for the development of Shanghai and the safety of Korean residents in China.
Yoon Networks carried out the COVID-19 return project, arranging five times of Incheon-Shanghai chartered flight. We constantly communicated with the Central Diseases Control Headquarter in Shanghai and exerted continuous effort on behalf of Korean citizens.


Supporting the livelihood of Korean residents in Shanghai

In order to assist business owners in Korea town who experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic, we negotiated with the relevant authorities in Shanghai and were able to support them with rent exemptions. Additionally, we identified korean residents who had diffulty in basic life and provided living support


Supporting masks and relief supplies

Yoon Networks was the very first to distribute free masks to the Shanghai community, and collaborated with Korean associations around the world to implement a mask support project for Korean residents. In addition, we provided free hand sanitizers to the Shanghai City Education Bureau.